The writing practice

Between work, school, blogging and general internet surfing a lot of us hardly have time for writing itself.
So the writing practice is about taking time to write even if all you have to spare is five minutes.the writing practice


Last week I gave the prompt of what would you do if time froze for everyone except you for an hour.

Now the reply I got was from Jessica who blog about self therapy and she really took the prompt to the next level and gave her readers something both interesting and thought provoking.  You can find the post here, you should definitely go read it.

The two ways of entering.
1. Writing a blog post on the topic of the prompt and linking it back here.
If you do this and I like what you wrote I will put a link to your blog in a post next week like I did for Jessica this week.
2. The second way to enter is by simply writing your answer to the prompt in the comments.
If you do this and I like what you wrote I will put up your entry but no link.

Remember that if you choose the first way to put the #WritingPractice among your tags.

 The prompt

Describe something in only five sentences using all five senses, without making it obvious what it is.

It’s supposed to be like a riddle sort of thing but it can be as obvious or vague as you want it to be.

I did this little writing practice quite a few times this week and I really like it because it’s both fun and good practice.

Use this prompt however you want to and I really look forward to hearing from you guys.

6 thoughts on “The writing practice

  1. placeofgrace

    Her hands glides over it’s smooth skin, planning the line for the first cut. It sounded hollow, ripe when she tapped it with the handle of the knife. The cut exposed it’s flesh, the colour of the sunset. It smells like summer and taste like sunshine….. To eat a watermelon!

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