Weekend writer’s block : prodigies


This week I have another piece of magic.
Everyone has magic not all as strong as the other but everyone has magic.
How the magic works is basically that it is tied to everything around you and that you can use this link to enforce your will onto it.
With this you are able to do all kinds of things from sending random objects flying to causing sudden combustion.
The only rule this magic truly follows is that you are only able to affect one thing at a time.

But now where things get interesting is that occasionally someone pops up with the ability to see patterns and connections in the world.
These people are called prodigies.
They don’t specifically have stronger magical abilities but they can see the patterns the world form and how changing one thing can affect a dozen other.

Now I actually feel like attaching a little bit of character here.
A princess who discards responsibility in favour of a party life is born a prodigy. After years of trying to tame the princesses wild spirit the king and queen sends her to a boarding school. They hope that she will come back a proper lady.
At first is seems that their plans will fail completely but then she meets another prodigy.
An inventor’s son, who has very little magical potential and who has purposely failed the first year at the boarding school 2 years in a row.
The two of them instantly hit it off as he mumbled a smart ass comment under his breath in class in a secret code. Her prodigal mind instantly figures out the code and she has to stifle her laugh.
They become friends in school and she helps him get in trouble so he can achieve his dream of being expelled. In return he proves that he is capable of interesting her for more than 15 minutes in a conversation. Something no has been able to do since she was 6.
As the two of them start spending more time together the princess’s grade’s starts lifting because she now has more important things to do with her time then fail on purpose.

I’m not sure where this story is heading but if you choose to adopt it then it’s completely up to you.

What do you think is the next thing that will happen in this story?

One thought on “Weekend writer’s block : prodigies

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