Writing blocks. Inspiration for desperate times.

I’m giving you another piece of world building today.Untitled
The setting is in a desert where nothing really grows. A strong nation of people had decided to call this their home and has been surviving the harsh conditions for as long as they remember.
When I say harsh conditions I don’t simply mean the heat and the sand, I’m also talking about the acid fog that rolls over the land at night.
It keeps people locked up indoors during the night and then retreats back to where it came from when the sun comes up.
The acid eats away at the buildings and kills all the food they are trying to grow.
The people have found ways to protect their food and have learned to live with this fog.

Where does the fog some from?
Why doesn’t the people just go look for somewhere else to live?
How do they protect their food and how does the fog affect their health?

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