The writing practice. Try the challenge

Last week I started a writing event where I give a prompt and you write something based on it.Dragonfest
No one participated last week but that’s completely understandable it was a busy weekend and everything. This time you have until next week Thursday, the 3 September to write your answer to the prompt.
Here are the rules.
• Read the prompt on the bottom of this post.
• Write a story between the word count of 150 and 1000 words.
• Put your story in a post and link it back here so I can go see it.
• Among the tags put #TheWritingPractice
• Hit post.
• Feel free to take the little picture of a dragon on the side and put it up on your blog either as a badge or simply as a picture to go with your post.
If you participate and I like your story I will put a link to your blog in my next post. (Is that free promotion I smell?)

So now here we go.

the prompt.

Write about the friendship between a time traveller and an immortal.

I warn you all that I am a very stubborn person and even if none of you participate there will be another one of these posts next week.

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