weekend writing block. (Inspiration for desperate times.)

Last week I shared a piece of world building but this week I want to share a start on a plot.Untitled

There are two sisters both where born from pureblood werewolves. The youngest one is just like the rest of her family a bloodthirsty monster.
The older sister is nothing like the rest of her family. She was born a cripple.
She can’t turn into a wolf because her bone structure does not have the mutant ability to change shape.
She can feel the pull of the full moon and has the anger issues of a normal werewolf.
She is strong and stubborn which despite her defect gets her a lot of respect from the rest of the pack since she can keep her own in a fight.
But then there comes the day when their pack is attacked and mostly wiped out.
The enemy let her slip past them because they assumed she is a normal human. The only member of her family she could save was her sister.
They go on the run together.
It’s dangerous for the eldest to stay with her sister because they are constantly being hunted and once a month her sister doesn’t know the difference between family and food.
She stays with her sister though and every month she battles her sister’s wolf into submission.
Despite her defect she is the Alfa between the two of them.

What sort of trouble do you think they would face in their journey?
Where do they plan to go?
What relationship do you think would form between the two sisters?

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