Catching your breath. (A magic battle)

Earlier today I shared a post on the sense of taste. In it I gave you a prompt to write a fight scene with the sense of taste playing a large role.


I wrote my own scene for this prompt and thought I should share.


Fila walked into the arena aware of all the eyes on her.
The stands were full of cheering people. The roar their applause gave was deafening.
Why did it have to be her out here? why couldn’t it be one of the other students? Someone else would have been a better choice for the battle.
A drop of cold sweat ran down her back as her opponent joined her in the arena.
He was tall with broad shoulders. She recognised him as Seth, the winner of last year’s contest.
His eyes were set into a death glare focused on Fila.
She pulled her shoulder up a little and hid her chin in her uniform’s high collar.
She stopped in front of him.
This was defiantly going to be the day she die.
“Face each other.” The disembodied voice of the referee boomed across the arena.
Fila lifted her head a little.
Seth flexed his hands at his sides. Those hands could strangle Fila with no problem.
“Keep your head up.” Seth mumbled in a hoarse voice.
“You too.” Fila squeaked.
She curled her hands into fists and glanced at her feet.
In the corner of her eye she saw him smirk.
He knew how much he intimidated her.
“Walk to your standing points.” The referee’s voice boomed again.
She raised her head and turned her back to him. The crowd fell silent and she could hear her hart thumping in her chest.
She was outmatched, anyone could see it.
She swallowed.
She would just have to fight small then. He must be used to strong aponenets so perhaps she could confuse him.
She reached the place that marked her spot and turned around.
She and Seth were now the complete distance of the arena apart.
The distance meant time to prepare herself.
“Let the match start.” The referee boomed and Seth started running toward her.
Fila jumped, her hart skipping a beat.
She reached to the pouch hanging by her side. Just as she reached in something struck her.
The sharp smell of lemons filled her nose as she was thrown to the floor, yellow fog swirling around her.
Seth was next to her as she sat up.
He blew down on her and a wave of orange fog spilling from his lips and forcing her down again.
This new fog burned her exposed skin. She threw up her arms letting the long sleeves f her white uniform protect her.
She was trapped in the mist with no way to reach for the pouch at her side without exposing her face to the burning fog.
That’s it she had lost.
A wave of pink mist hit her and sent her sprawling over the arena floor.
She gasped for breath and nearly gagged on the sweet strawberry mist.
She looked up to see Seth walking toward her.
He should have finished her off by now. She should already have lost.
His eyes where dark and Fila swallowed.
Seth had no intension of making this battle painless.
Fila grabbed her pouch and ripped out a hand full of the small pills inside.
She held her hand open as she backed away. The pills where made of a soft powder that stained her white gloves multiple colours.
She picked a green one out of her hand and stopped her retreat.
“Are you finally ready to battle?” Seth called coming closer. Pink mist curled around his lips as he grinned.
Fila plopped the green pill into her mouth and waited for him to come closer.
He started raising one of his own pills to his lips and Fila rushed forward.
She bit down on her pill with a satisfying crunch. Her tong tingled as the mint taste filled her lungs.
She took in a deep breath. She was right in front of Seth who had a yellow pill held in his hand.
She blew.
Green fog filled the area between Fila and Seth. His eyes widened as he was flung of his feet.
He hit the floor and slid.
Fila felt the mint drain from her lungs leaving her throat cold.
She raised a small dark green pill to her lips and held it there as she ran past Seth to the middle of the arena.
She stopped and turned back to him.
He was standing up. The green fog still bellowed behind him but he popped the yellow one between his lips and Fila watched as he breathed in.
She bit down on her dark green pill.
A bitter taste gathered in her throat and she fell into a crouch.
Seth came running toward her and with a start blew yellow fog straight at her.
Fila blew out her dark green fog to meet his. The two colour hit and filled the air of the arena.
The dark fog surrounded her. It was cold and wet against her skin. A shadow flickered from its depth.
“Come get me if you’re brave enough.” She called. Her voice sounded distant even to herself.
The shadow flickered and she set of at a run.
There would be no waiting for Seth. Who knew what long exposure to this fog could do to her.
She reached the edge of the cloud cover and burst into the fresh air with fog trailing her.
The fog had settled over half the arena leaving Seth hidden somewhere within.
Fila glanced at her last pill. It was a small red one she had never tried before.
She shrugged as she raised it to her mouth. There was always time for new experiences.
She bit down and her mouth was set ablaze.
Her ears grew hot and her eyes watered. She took a deep breath.
The shadow figure of Seth finally reached the edge of the fog just in time to see her.
His eyes grew and Fila blew out her breath of fire.
It hit his chest and he was thrown back into the dark green fog. Sure enough it caught flame.
Heat prickled Fila’s skin and she was forced to squint. Half the arena was inflames.
She relaxed a little as she waited for the fire to die down.
When it did smoke still hid Seth.
He would probably still be alive.
Perhaps she should have gone a little softer on him but then again he didn’t plan to simply let her lose gracefully.
She glanced up to where the referee was seated and he held up a blue flag.
She had won.
Fila grinned letting her red mist curl out of her mouth. It made her lips tingle.
A glass of milk would be a nice victory drink this time.


If any of you complete the challenge and would like to share it with me feel free to put it in a post and link it back to me so I can go check it out.

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