Using the 5 senses in your writing.

IMG_5184 - CopyAfter doing my post series on point of view I realized that it’s a much easier way to keep myself organized and inspired. I decided I want to do another post series, this one will be on using the five senses in descriptions.

As writers we see images in our heads and the idea is to put it on paper in such a way that your readers will see the same picture. Doing this does not only use the sense of sight though. It uses all five senses.

Sight. Hearing. Touch. Smell. Taste.

The order in which I just gave you the senses is normally the order in which they are used when describing something. The more you use the more intensity you bring to whatever you are describing. You can use this to your advantage when describing something that will prove to be important later.

I hope this helps and make’s you look forward to next week when I’ll be posting about the sense of sight. Is there anything about the senses you would like to know or any advice you want to share?

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