POV series.

Alright so I have been meaning to do a post on POV for the simple reason of it’s something I have recently started working on.
For those of you who are new to the writing world POV means Point Of View.
I want to do separate post on writing from a girl’s point of few and how to write from a guy’s point of few.
I also want to do a post on how to juggle multiple POV characters.
So for the next three weeks on Mondays make sure to come check that out.
Further news is that thanks to an adventurous weekend I now have not only a bruise on my lower back, but also a challenge for you.
Take either a pen and paper or your laptop and go outside and sit in the shade of tree. (Better yet climb into the tree.)
Now write.

I did this yesterday. I climbed high into a tree and had some friends help me get a pillow and my writing book up, then wrote. The process was a bit slower but the scene I wrote was much better than normal.

That was that for now so enjoy your week and if you have any specific questions about point of few please ask them, or if you simply want to share your own tree climbing experiences I would love to hear them.

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