Horror masquerade

This weekend my family threw a party.

Let me tell you it’s both stressful and rewarding.


Preparing is the truly fun part .

We had limited supplies which meant that my family had the best conditions to truly shine.

We made a photo booth from two planks, cloth Christmas lights and a bench, all things we simply had lying around.

Since we couldn’t find the right colored streamers we cut up cloths and used thumb nails for our decorations.

To make the lighting eerie we simply used every candle in the house.

Not to mention our party food.

My sister made the best popcorn ever and I made that amazing cake you see below.


Can this pass as a spiderweb?
my photo booth.










seriously best popcorn ever.









Let me tell you a secret. It’s red velvet.








I think the candles was great for effect.










After blowing out the candles it was time for the photo booth.


IMG_5085[1]IMG_5084[1] The boys enjoyed it just a bit much.


IMG_5170[1]IMG_5172[1]IMG_5166[1]IMG_5165[1]IMG_5101[1]IMG_5079[1]IMG_5126[1] then again so did the girls. So much in fact they didn’t want to give back our cloaks.

Family photos took the longest. But they where worth it.



IMG_5109[1]  IMG_5117[1] IMG_5118[1] IMG_5122[1]IMG_5115[1]

After that it was fun with glow sticks.

We reverted to childishness and ended up playing glow in the dark hopscotch and musical chairs.

This was only after they had me take these.

IMG_5139[1] IMG_5147[1] IMG_5150[1] IMG_5155[1] IMG_5158[1]


We ended the night with some board games.

If you read this post all the way to here, enjoy your week from us.


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