Questions for plotting your novel.

Untitled bThe first thing you want to know when plotting your story is what your character wants.
Any story is just a sequence of events that surrounds an attempt to achieve a goal or solve a question.

So what is your character’s goal?


The next thing you want to know is what is what is what will happen if the goal is not fulfilled. This is called consequences.
In some stories the consequences is that there is no change and that things stay the way it is. This kind of consequence common when it comes to over throwing some great emperor or when teenagers get bored with their save life.

Now your character should decide on what they are going to do to achieve their goal.
This is kind of like a check list that as you cross things off the reader becomes more and more excited about the end goal.
So make a list of thing your character has to do to attain the main goal.

The problem is that as much as we would like things to go right for our characters all the time they can’t so you need to decide what will go wrong. When things go wrong your reader becomes anxious that your character will be stopped before he can reach his goal. So they keep reading to find out.


What is your character willing to offer in order to achieve his goal?
The problems your character face should mean something to them and they should be willing to offer something to achieve their goal and avoid the consequences. So what is your character willing to offer?


Sometimes you need to give your readers hope which is why sometimes you want to let good things happen to your character.

It’s kind of like rewarding them.
The last thing you want to add is rule that your character has too follow. Maybe you put up a time limit or perhaps you follow the hunger games strategy and limit your character’s resources.

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