Scene elements.

Do you ever feel like a scene in your story is lacking something or maybe it’s good but not GREAT.

Certain elements need to be added to a scene for you to make the most of it. So here is a little cheat sheet I use to get the most out of a scene.

Ridiculously important.. At least one of these has to be in the scene.
• Action to advance the plot.
• Character goal.
• Action to increase tension.

Regularly important. At least two of these need to be in the scene.
• Character development.
• A cause of character conflict.
• Effect of character conflict.
• How stakes are raised.
• Reinforcement of stakes.
• Character motivation.

And a bit of extra. These aren’t necessary but add a little oomph to the scene.
• Character back story.
• Story theme.
• World building
• The story’s tone.
• Foreshadowing.

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