Why I’m special

This is the last day to a very short writing challenge I did and is about why I’m special and why people would read what I write.
I dislike this question because I’m unsure of that myself.
I’m special because I’m me and people should read what I write because they like it.
But since I probably have to go deep with this I’ll say I am who I am because of a mix of reading and writing and I think I’m pretty awesome.
I don’t have a lot of live experience since I’m not that old yet but I still write because I feel like every character I’ve read or wrote is a part of me so I know how they feel and sometimes I simply need to get that on paper because they deserve that small fraction of life and perhaps they might even be able to help someone. Reading has helped me a lot because sometimes looking at someone else’s problems gives you a chance to focus on someone else and to hope it goes well with them instead of yourself which somehow always makes my problems look a lot smaller.
So that is what I want to do, I want to help people escape their problems and give them hope for a better future.
Also if I can inspire a love for writing in others, that would be great.

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