Midnight madness: #7 Trapped

“Couldn’t they have tied me to anybody else? A snake would be better company.” Argon said his voice nearly a growl.
“You would think so” Magi found herself saying “but take it from someone who is tied to a snake, you are better off.”
Her old friend simply pulled down on the chain that tied them together over a pipe along the ceiling. Magi was nearly lifted of her feet and the metal cuff cut deeply into her wrist causing blood to spill.
“Argon!” Magi called trying to kick him through the metal bars. He let her drop back to the floor.
They where silent for a moment .
“Do you have a plan yet?” Argon asked.
“Why should I come up with a plan? It is your fault we are here.”
“Exactly why you should make the plan.”
“We aren’t planning to steel bread from a bakery this time.” Magi said, “This time we are facing armed guards.”
“I know,”
She took a deep breath, “ok then, I have a plan.”
He was silent as she explained.
“You understand right?”
He nodded.
He braced his free arm and she stepped onto his open palm.
Slowly he raised her higher, toward the pipe to which the chain was tied.
His arm gave in and all her weight was focused on her already bleeding wrist the manacle cutting into her skin.
She quickly grabbed the pipe with her free hand and simply hung there.
Blood was trickling down her arm and she swung a kick towards Argons head.
He simply grabbed her foot and lifted her further.
She studied the thick chain which was rapped double around the pipe.
“I doubt I can break the chain but the pipe seems pretty rusty.
“Go for it” he replied.
Magi took out her hair pin, which the guards foolishly didn’t take away and immediately started working on the pipe.
Her metal hairpin broke through the rusted patch pretty fast.
“Let me down.” She ordered.
He let her drop then quickly rapped his arm around her waist catching her mid fall. She stared down into his deep brown eyes her body pressed tight to his. She could feel her cheeks warming and not trusting herself to speak simply nodded to him. He gently put her down and they both took hold of their points on the chain.
“On three.” She said and he agreed.
They counted to three and started pulling together.
Argon simply pulled her of her feet again. He sighed taking hold of her part of the chain,
“Let me do it.”
He pulled from both ends at the same time and the pipe simply broke spraying water over them.
The chain slid of the rest of the pipe easily. The first step of their escape plan was completed.
They walked over to the door and he kicked it down.
The guards turned in frenzy but Magi already knew the steps. Moving fast she wrapped the chain around the first one, pulling his feet from beneath him.
The man hit his head and she got the key from his belt even as Argon took down all three the other guards with his bare hands.
She unlocked the chains and he grabbed a sword from one of the fallen guards.
Magi took one for herself the minute the shackles clanked on the floor then. They started running again leaving the fallen guards behind them.
Halfway through the first corridor they bumped into five guards two of which Argon killed instantly. Magi simply ran on pulling Argon with her in an attempt to save the guards from the steel in his hands.
At the far end of the corridor was a window that led to the streets. Magi steered them toward it as the guards behind them multiplied as more poured out from side corridors.
Magi opened the latch. She turned to see that the guards had disarmed Argon and that they were going to capture him in any moment.
Magi cursed herself as she turned to them and threw herself between him and the guards fighting them off with her sword.
Argon disappeared behind her and it took only two blows for the guard to disarm her. They grabbed her wrist forcing her to the ground.
Magi glanced back to the open window. Argon was gone. He had abandoned her again.

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