The royal guard.

Prince Weyden the heir to the Torian throne did not like the idea of fighting alongside pirates but Venda had brought them and at that moment He was a lot more scared of his friend then what the enemy thought of him.
He swung his blade at one of the bandits but was beaten to it when Venda’s blade went through the mans chest.
“I had that one.” He muttered turning to the next attacker.
“I do not care Weyden.” Venda said kicking the body into the way of the next attacker.
He was sure now, She was mad.
He watched as she swung her blade through two more bandits her bewitched blade slicing through them like butter.
The rest of the bandits stopped fighting then the firsts hesitantly threw down his blade and ran back to the tree lines.
She didn’t even wait for them all to reach it before turning to him and levelling her blade with his throat. The pirates around them looked very confused.
“I thought you came to keep him save.” One of them, the captain said.
Venda ignored the man and locked her grey eyed gaze with Weydens.
“If you ever do anything this stupid ever again I will kill you.” She said her blade dipping unnervingly close to his exposed throat. She took a step back and seethed her sword.
“Come now Venda, where did your sense of adventure go?” he asked now that he was more confident that she wasn’t going to kill him.
“It was replaced by my sense of duty, Your Highness.”
“We have known each other since we were ten and I still don’t understand you. Your job is to keep me alive and yet you have threatened my life more than anyone else.”
She grinned at him. “This way there is no question of who your strongest enemy is.” She put her hand on his shoulder and steered him toward one of the horses.
Weyden didn’t doubt that she was the strongest person he knew but she was no enemy. He smiled at his friend, she might constantly threaten him but he knew he was more save in her company then anywhere else on the earth.

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