This is two short bits that I simply wrote to fish out a character. It is marked by whose point of view I wrote from.


She was warmth to him, her brown eyes bright and caring. Her curls fell in waves around her face which had just enough makeup on to make her natural beauty shine. With light steps she twirled in the moonlight and even though she was surrounded by dozens of others in ball gowns none seemed to compare.
Step. Step. Twirl.
Her dance was often interrupted by young bachelors who wished to flatter her and not once did she send them away. Her laugh rang out clear through the crowd as she finished her dance with one of the young lords. She curtsied to him then as he turned away she returned to her dance.
Step. Step. Twirl.
She wove in and out through the crowd greeting those who greeted her. Groups of ladies would stop her to share just a bit of gossip which he knew she would then pass on to others later.
Step. Step. Twirl.
So she would dance her head held high her feet occasionally stopping but he knew this was part of her dance. This was where she shined.


Dona watched as he paged through the thick red book as he lay with his legs over the arm of the couch.
Although she had changed into a more comfortable dress after the ball he was still dressed in his red and black tunic the buttons now loose.
She sat on the floor in front of the fire going over their families books listening to him hum one of the songs that was played at the ball that night.
She studied him as his fine fingers flipped to the next page. Reading wasn’t considered a manly thing to do which was most likely the reason she has been unable to find a wife for him.
“I saw you chatting with Lidia tonight.” Dona said and he looked up from his reading. “Do you enjoy her company?”
He smiled at her. “I sometimes wonder why you are considered a great politician since you aren’t the mot subtle person in the world.”
“Yes well the family has tip toed around this long enough, you need a wife.”
“I don’t see you getting married any time soon, and you’re older than me.”
“I’m simply waiting.”
“For what? it’s pretty obvious Lord Santo likes you.”
Dona smiled. Her brother always claimed that he wasn’t interested in the court and yet he noticed much more than most of those frivolous lord and ladies.
“The family would get nothing out of an alliance with them.”
“Everything you do doesn’t have to be for the family. You could just marry for love.”
Donna didn’t reply and he simply went back to his reading.
His brown eyes flickered from page to page and she watched as they slowly closed. He held the book upright for a moment with his eyes closed then simply let it drop to his chest.
She smiled at her little brother.

He read fairy tales and believed in true love. One of them had to.

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