Yesterday the 15th was Fandompocalipse day.

upon this day you are supposed to represent your fandom in any way possible. Me and my lot dressed up so as promised here is our photos.




What Fandoms are those!?

See this is where the interesting part came in we are such geeks we are part of more then one and when you mix those you happen to get US.


IMG_4313[1]We had the movie fan who represented the pirates of the Caribbean.





IMG_4331[1] The chick series fan (Teen wolf and Vampire diaries.) She represented Teen wolf but we mostly called her a princes.


The Anime fan. She represents a bunch of different anime so I can’t even start to explain her costume.



IMG_4362[1]IMG_4327[1] The first book reader My awesome sister.  She too is dressed as a bunch of different fandomes. Among her outfit is , Mistborn,   Percy Jackson, way of kings, the Hobbit, throne of glass, and more.


And last there was me.

IMG_4323[1] IMG_4333[1]IMG_4338[1]

I represented Codex Alera (My favorite books ever), way of kings, Eragon, fairy tail (Anime) Mistborn, and the big bang theory.


It was lot’s of fun but now I’m scared of my friends they mostly pretended to be killing each other.



So that was Fandom day for my family.






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