I write and sing to help myself.

Everybody has had a time in their life where they feel that no matter what they do or how hard they work they aren’t truly accomplishing anything of note.

I think the problem is that when we rap ourselves so tightly in the things we have to do it starts to become too much and as soon as you start losing pace doubt settles in and we simply spiral down from there. You always end up tired and irritated at everything for no real reason.

This is where writing and singing comes in. There is nothing I love more then either writing or singing so when I felt down last year I simply started making time for my two loves and reminded myself that I am more then everything I have to do.

So this year I challenge you to simply grab onto what you love whether it’s an activity or a friend and making time for it. Remind yourself often that light is all around you, you simply need to see it.



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