Three levels of side characters.

Side characters are very important not only because without them there would be no dialog but because without them yoIMG_3320[1]ur main character would have no one to care for.
The problem I have heard many people struggle with is how to create them.

There are three levels of side characters.

  1. The one time only person on the street.
  2. The every now and then assistant.
  3. The legit all the time partner.


  • The one time only doesn’t really need any thought or insight and all you have to ask yourself about them really is why they are in this scene.


  • The question to ask about the now and then is what is their relationship with the main character? These are the characters you treat with professionalism they are there to give information and do their jobs not to discuss their family who has absolutely no part in the plot.


  • Then there is the legit who needs almost as much planning as your main character.
    Important things to plan about these characters is their past and their relationship with your MC.
    These characters also need a reason to help. Why is this character helping your MC?

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