How not to start a novel.

After hours of deciding on character names and doing all that other planning for your novel you feel you are ready to start writing.IMG_3165

So now when you sit down with your hand on your keyboard just make sure you didn’t start your novel in one of these ways.

How not to start a novel.

  • weather.

Never start a novel with it was a dark and stormy night or even it was a dry summers morning. It is considered the worst opening line ever.

  • Back-story.

People won’t care about a characters past until they feel they know him or her. readers should learn about the characters past like they learn about their friends gradually not all at once.

  • Describing an average day.

You do need to show what your character is losing or taken from but you don’t need to start by describing a normal boring going to work day. This isn’t interesting. Start where the story gets interesting.

  • Voice over to reader

“Dear reader I am about to tell you a very important story ….”

  • Dialog.

Dialog is can be great story starters but only if you now how to use it properly. If you want to use dialog for your opening sentence you can use a one liner like “Please return to your sells for the remainder of the riot.” it gives both insight into the setting and situation.

  • Philosophy.

This normally comes across as a drunk man at a bar trying to force his view of the world onto others. No one likes that.

  • Dreams.

just like you don’t care about strangers dreams your reader won’t care about your characters until they know him better.

  • geography.

Reader want to read about people doing things not about a small town with rolling hills, population 2000, called Transen.

  • Alarm clock.

Don’t start your novel with, “The alarm rang, I was late!” (unless it’s a fire alarm preventing your MC to make it to his appointment with a hit man.) people don’t clock alarm clocks in real life never mind in books.


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