How to write a murder scene.

The perfect murder scene doesn’t have to be bloody or outright traumatizing it just needs to get your reader to keep turning the page.


  •  The first thing you want to do is plan what needs to happen. Who dies and who kills? Where does the scene take place? Perhaps in the woods? What is the murder weapon? You need to plan all of this.


  • Why is this happening? Why does the killer want to kill the victem (If your answer is because he is a serial killer and he was bored just stop right there and go create a better villain.) You murderer doesn’t even  have to know the victim he just has to think the victim is in the way of his plans.


  • Now write your rough draft of what happens keeping a completely straight face.  Don’t write things like the maniac from hell was carrying a knife. With fire blazing in his eyes he gave a laugh filled with menace.  Sometimes simple descriptions work best for example: the knife glinted in the moon light and she turned to run. He was on top of her in moments and the blade cut into her back between two of her ribs. She gave out one more hushed breath. Her last breath.


  • During the scene you need to build suspense. Complications should happen like they always do. Perhaps the victim fights back or runs. The gun fire could miss.


  • Sentence length in a scene like this is important. Long sentences build tension. Sort sentences gives a quick pace. The trick is to know when to use which one and how to mix them just right.





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