Cana felt a grin spread across her face as she ran through the woods.
Her lungs were starting to burn but she knew if she looked back towards her pursuers she would most likely trip over the brambles and fallen branches.
Light came from the clearing up ahead and she ran straight into it followed by half a dozen villagers.
She spun around to face them which they obviously hadn’t expected and they ran straight into each other. They were mostly older men with their sons but Cara even saw a few house wives among them.
The first one to regain his footing was a young man with warm eyes and a double edged sword in his hands.
As he raised his weapon Cara gave him a grin. He suddenly hesitated.
The soft furry head of Vela rubbed against her hand.
The Sire Wolf simply looked at the man, not even bothering to growl.
The young man gulped and raised his sword again.
“Are you sure about that?” Cara asked the young man and all the birds fell still.
Cara took a deep breath and curled her fingers into  the wolf’s  soft fur.
Pain shot through her back and she felt heat spread through her. She was aware of every change she was going through from her canines growing to the green fur growing all over her to mach Vela’s.
The young man’s eyes grew and he dropped his sword. Cara took a step closer to him and with a curse he fled. The rest of the villagers followed closely in his footsteps once they lay eyes on Cara who was now baring her sharp teeth at them.
Vela looked up at her master her tail wagging.

“Well then” Cara said opening the bag that hung around her shoulders, “At least we have food.”
She took out a piece of dried meat and Vela looked at her with adoring eyes.
“We have to find a rest place first.” Cara said waving it at her.

Vela turned around and moved out of the clearing her green, gray and brown fur making her disappear between the bushes.
Cara followed her letting herself return to normal.
The birds songs picked up again and as Cara made her way through the woods she couldn’t help but whistle with them.

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