Do you know who I am?

I am Enette Venter. A teenage girl working hard to become a writer.

Is that all there is too me? NO.

I also love music and drawing and oddly enough math. The reason I mention that I want to be writer first is because that was this blog is about.


This blog is meant to be the base of my writing foundation one day. For now it is simply where I share writing advice I have picked up over my few short years of writing.

I have plans for this blog or at least I have dreams for it.

I want to share more of my writing here so people can see the advice I share here does come from actual skill in the craft even if I am young.

I want to become apart of the writing community and hear what they think of my stories.

What I really want though is to make people get as exited over the stories in my head as I do.

Perhaps you will fall in love with the characters I have created or  you simply find yourself liking me, if you do stay then no matter what the reason I feel I have to welcome you. So here goes, welcome to my world.




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