Working in layers

In art you get shadows and light.

In writing it’s a bit more complicated.


You have dozens of elements in writing that needs to be well layered.

By layered I mean that you need to decide how something is seen when looking from afar and deciding what it is when coming closer.

It feels like I’m not making myself very clear today but there will be more information if you keep reading.


Thing that should be layered.

  • Your main character.
  • Your mentor.
  • Your closest side characters or allies.
  • Your plot
  • At least one of your side plots.
  • It’s not a must but you can add layers to setting.


Main Character.

Your main character is the person your reader should connect with in a story and this could only happen if they know him in depth.

This means that your main character need to be human with flaws and failures as well as strengths and ability. Your character should have human emotions during situations which should often shock the reader. Revelations about this character should be hinted about early on but not revealed until the right time.



Your mentor is the person who teaches your MC how to overcome what ever lies between them and the story goal.

In the beginning your MC and your mentor probably doesn’t know each other that well and if they’ve know each other a wile before the story secretes are revealed and suddenly the Main character doesn’t know the mentor as well as he thought. Although your mentor will seem more heroic then your MC he will still have his human moments in which you can explain his past and such.


Side characters.

Side characters often surprises the reader.

You can only share things about this character as the MC learns it.



Your plot will always have things happening from your villains side that your MC doesn’t know about.

Often the different character’s secretes have an effect on the plot and change the direction of the story completely.


Side plot.

Your side plots intertwine with the main plot and effects the course of the story.

Side plots normally start out as one thing but ends up being something else entirely.



Setting starts out as what you see but if it is important to the story it’s history will be brought up and so forth.


I might  do individual post on each of these between my regular stuff.  So sorry it isn’t explained well this time but just keep coming back and you might just find explanations of some value. 🙂






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