Wearing your old shoes.

This is simply a sample of my writing feel free to comment.

Warning what you are about to read has not been edited.


Adara stomped down the porch steps as the front door of the Manson was slammed behind her. she stopped in front of the house and took a moment to stomp her feet in outrage, her silk slippers and the folds of her dress quickly being soiled with dust.  She kicked a small stone as far as she could aware of all the eyes watching her from through the window. she put her suitcase down on the groaned and simply found herself folding her arms and pursing her lips.  It seemed one can only live in the lap of luxury for so long before someone realizes you aren’t who you claim to be.

Adara sighed. She had gone soft. She knew she should simply be thankful the purpose of her deceit hadn’t been discovered. At the thought she reached for where the comforting weight of a big jewel was sewn into the folds of her dress but covered the move by brushing some of the dust of her dress.

Adara walked piked up her bag and threw a smile over her shoulder at the nobles watching her through the window then walked down the path of the Duke’s grounds whistling to herself.

Let them wonder. She told herself.  Let them wonder why they didn’t matter at all to you. Let them wonder why you are smiling even though you are no longer part of their world.

The ground was hard beneath her feet and the heat started eating at her almost immediately.

She kept walking until she reached the road that led to the farm lands. The workers dressed in brown on either side of her eyed her their expressions unsure.

Adara took a moment to think over what she had to do know.

Her deep blue dress stood out for miles but at least she had a proper pair of boots in her bag.

She had nothing of worth except for the jewel and the dress and no money on her at all.

She turned to one of the woman whose brown clothes marked her as a farm worker and moved over to her.

“Do you have something i could wear?” Adara asked the woman.

The woman frowned and looked Adara’s dress over. “I do not understand my lady, are you not already wearing a dress made of silk?”

Adara sighed and had to resist pointing out that no it is not silk.  “The duke has shamed me and threw me out of his home.” Adara said letting her hair fall into her face. “As you can see the soil is ruining my dress and I simply wish to spare it.”

The woman didn’t look convinced.

“Of course i will be leaving the dress here with you to protect it.” Adara said and the woman’s eyes started to gleam.

“As you wish, my lady.” the woman said and started leading her toward the workers homes.

They entered a pretty well furnished house and Adara had to admit the duke took good care f his workers.

The woman started to take her best clothes out of the closet witch was in comparison to the dress Adara was wearing a simple piece of cloth.

“I don’t want that.” Adara said caching the woman of guard. “I was hoping for a workers tunic like the one you are wearing.”

The woman raised an eyebrow but decided not to question and took out a brown tunic similar to the one she was wearing.

The woman left the room and Adara quickly stripped out of the dress and put on the workers tunic she then took out the jewel and placed it on the bed. she took her pair of boots out of her bag along with a pair of thick brown socks. she put them on and stuffed the jewel into the hidden compartment in the sole.

Adara picked up her bag and slung it over her shoulder again. she glanced to the door where the woman would be waiting for her but instead walked over to the window climbed onto the window sill. just as she was about to step out she saw a piece of cloth tied to the bed post and went to fetch it. she rapped the bandanna around her head over her dark brown hair.

Surly the dress she was leaving behind would cover it.

She climbed out of the window and immediately relax a little.

At least now her shoes had proper soles.




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