Conflict driven. – 6 ways to add conflict

It is a well known fact that most stories are conflict driven.
A story must have a mix of big conflict and small conflict.  There is the conflict between the hero and the villain, there is the conflict in the dialog and most importantly there is sometimes conflict in the hero’s morals.

When you get to a place in your story where things are happening a bit slow add some conflict.


6 Ways to add conflict.


  •  Remember Murphy? anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Instead of simply focusing on what needs to happen in this scene ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen in this scene. Grim? I know but that’s how you surprise yourself and get your story going again.
  • Put drawbacks to your scientific and magical objects and let the drawbacks effect your character.
  • Your character should be wrong every now and then and if you feel like stretching this you can make the consequences of the being wrong be bad enough to haunt your character.
  • Make your characters disagree and see where that takes you. It doesn’t even have to be about something big.
  • Your character flaw should be a barrier to achieving their goal.
  • When your character is faced between two choices both choices should have a positive and a negative effect.





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