A very short mood cheat sheet.

Today I went to watch Mocking jay and in the cinema with me my sister and my sister’s friend was a bunch of very loud twelve year old girls who kept talking through the serious parts. They ruined the mood of the most important scenes.

The story was still great but it got me to notice the difference in the moods for each scene.

Sad? Angry? Strong? Suspense?

These are all emotions that can radiate from a scene.


Creating mood for a scene.

The mood of a scene depends on a bunch of different things such as what happens in the scene and from who’s point of view is it written.

Creating mood is all about how you write, are you writing long very detailed sentences to make it seem like the scene is stretched out long or are you writing short sentences to give urgency to the scene? Are you focused more on your MC ‘s emotions or are you focusing on what is happening around your character.

I can’t tell you exactly how to write a specific scene because I don’t know your character or how they would react but here is simple cheats I use for the four moods that appear in my scene’s the most.


happy – focus on what brings the joy.

Hope less/sad. – focus on something contrasts with the disaster to bring out just how bad the situation is.

angry –  focus on emotion.

urgency – focus on what needs to be done or why your character is in a hurry with a mix of emotion and surrounding events.



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