“Write”she said.

Who has heard the phrase said is dead?

Well there is two sides to this and it can create arguments in discussions between writers. Are you allowed to use the dialog tag said?

Yes you are, and you should.

When writing dialog it is in fact better to use no dialog tags. dialog tags are to add to dialog and characters themselves. The way your character said something should not distract your reader from what your character said.

Dialog tags such as, shouted, whispered, sobbed and so forth should simply be used once to set the tone of how the character is speaking after which you should not use any dialog tags that isn’t said until the tone in witch the character is speaking changes.

More than two characters.

In cases where there are more then two characters you will have to use the tags more often so the reader doesn’t get confused with who is speaking, in these cases it is better to simply say said.

Keep it simple.

the reason you should preferably use no tags is because it all becomes a bit much. Ask yourself, does the reader know who is speaking?and does the reader know how it  is said?

As long as the reader knows these two thing you should keep the dialog tags to a minimal and simply focus on what is being said, there is no need to add to much.




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