3 days of nano

Since NaNoWriMo started I have been writing as much as possible between the normal weekend stuff.
I find the writing easy but the sitting down to write is hard.
Those first words that start a scene does not come easy and since my story was planned to be shorter than 50000 words I had to change the spacing of the major plot moving events and add scenes.
My mum just asked me what is driving me to keep writing since I’m not known for finishing things.
To tell you the truth I don’t know what’s driving me,  it might simply be because it’s fun or maby it’s because I grew attached to my characters and feel the need see this through for them. What ever is driving me it’s doing a very good job at it, I just reached 6732 words.
So now that I am done bragging about that here is my advice to you if your writing something and finding yourself stuck.
Sit down and write, at first it might be painful but your muse will come you just have to show it your willing to write.

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