A thief’s war

I haven’t and won’t blog for a while because my exams are starting.
But of course I couldn’t help myself and the inspiration of my little project spilled over and I wrote a very bad sounding first draft for my first chapter and so now I shall share it with you.
Feel free to comment on it and please as much as I love compliments I would really appreciate it if you could ask questions or deliver critics as well so that I can figure out what part of my writing is lacking.
Thanks 🙂

A thieves war
Chapter one.

“Would you be quiet? The guards are going to hear us” Bellona whispered.
“Don’t you tell me to be quiet girl. If you haven’t forgotten I’m a master thief. If the guards were close enough to hear us I would know.” The man named Garter said his face going red with fury.
” Sorry for not telling you my plan ,now would you be quiet.” Bellona said clenching her teeth.
“Your not getting out of trouble that easy. I will report this and you will be taught respect.”
She clamped her hand over his mouth in a desperate attempt to quiet the man.
He bit her hand, making pain flare through it, and reached for his knife.
As his hand went down to his belt her knee came up and connected with his stomach, driving air out of his lungs. He bent double and before he could recover she leaned forward causing them to fall with her on top.
She gave him a few punches to the face, breaking his nose and knocking out teeth.
As he lay dazed and Bellona took a syringe filled with clear liquid from a pocket sewn into her cloak and injected it into his arm.
He went slack.
Bellona grabbed her unconscious partner and pulled him through the tunnel around a corner then leaving him behind again went to finish the job.

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