My practice run on third person writing.

Edited note- I wrote this while I was still practising to write in third person POV.

The new order

The people stood in a circle around the children uncertain of what else to do and only hesitantly letting Wanda pass. These were children they knew not just another rumour running around.
The people parted before Wanda but here and there a few seemed to hesitate, considering standing up for the children, but they too stepped out of her way, their fear of the order overcoming their loyalty to the children.
Wanda stepped into the open area in the middle of the circle where three children stood, the younger ones, a boy and a girl clinging to their eldest sister who was trying to look brave even though her bottom lip shook.
Poor thing must be scared half to death.
Wanda lowered her hood and crouched by the children a open smile on her face.
“My names Wanda.”
“Are you here to take us away?” The little boy asked.
“Yes,” Wanda said offering her hand to the children.
“You aren’t taking us anywhere,” the eldest girl said defiantly.
Wanda looked her over. With all the signs of starvation the girl made a very frail, but determined, wall between the witch and her siblings.
“There will be food and warm beds for each of you.” The younger children eyes lit up but the eldest glared at Wanda, her fear of the rumours she had heard overcoming her hunger.
Sighing Wanda unslung her bag and dropped it on the ground in preparation of her own little ceremony. Not one of the orders corrupt ceremonies.
Wanda called for water and started cleaning the cobbles with a hard brush.
With her butt in the air the witch was well aware of the people eyeing her but kept cleaning the street in front of the children’s feet .
Once it was sufficiently cleaned Wanda took a blanket from her bag and opened it on the ground. Upon it she laid out a set of clean clothes for each child as well as new sandals. She then had the villagers bring buckets of water and some soap and towels.
Standing up Wanda addressed the crowds. ” In past years there have been many things said about the Order that would be considered treasonous yet true.
“But the days where you can’t trust witches or wizards are over and a new order has risen ,not one of is known for corruption and cruelty, but one that shall be known for kindness and second chances”
She turned to the children and said in a quieter voice, “if you trust me I’ll show you.”
There was a moment silence then the eldest girl nodded and the children let Wanda wash their feet and give them new clothes.
Later they let her feed them and put them to bed, and while they saw it as her helping them she saw it as them helping her redeem herself.

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