Creating a new world

Currently writing a lot of fiction I am becoming quite skilled at creating new world’s so I am going to show you how I do it, hopefully it could help you if you find yourself stuck sometime.

First I decide on an environment the example I’ll be using is underground tunnels but other goods ones can be quick changing weather, mountains anything that describes the world you want to make.
If there is magic in your story think how it works and take this into account as well.

Next I decided what the people/sentient beings that live there need to survive the environment.
My under ground people have big eyes to see in the dark as well as white skin and dark hair from not enough sun exposure.

Now I need to think of all the other things that live there. (animals & plants)
For the animals you do the same except you might want to take account of how they survive the people also what sort of animal is most likely to live there
I have worms that feed of the magic in the air and grow the size of a small dog they are stupid and slow but they’re exoskeleton is really hard.

For plants it is important to remember what they need to live and if your environment lacks this find a way to supply the plant with what it needs.
I have mushrooms that takes in magic through the small hairs on it which makes the mushrooms cap glow but I have also used flowers that store water during dry months.

It’s really quite easy and if you do end up doing this please share what you came up with and if you use your own method I would like to hear about it 🙂

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