day dreams

I will be giving you some insight into my head by telling you what I daydream about .

I create stories in my head when I day dream and yes I know that saying that out loud makes me sound like a four year old but I also know that as writers most of my fellow bloggers know what I’m talking about.

I start a new story almost every week ,sometimes twice a week and is normally inspired by something I red or watched .

This weekend I watched Enders Game  witch was my inspiration for this weeks daydream .



“This year there will be a new battle team,” headmaster Jean announced to the old and new students of Baymore space centre alike as I mentally prepared myself for all the outraged protest that would follow his next announcement,”of which I’m proud to announce the captain of is Tristan Red,” the headmaster clapped awkwardly in a hall that had all of a sudden hushed so that a pin falling would have been heard. I didn’t blame the students for not jumping with joy at the news of my new position, my name itself was a reminder that I didn’t fit in , ‘ Tristan’ my mothers surname and ‘ red ‘ the danger class she’s filled under.

The headmaster gave up on trying to get the students to applause instead asking me if I under stood all the privileges and duty that came with being captain .

I nodded .

I smiled as he pinned the captains badge on my shirt. I didn’t need the humans to like me , I needed them to respect me, time to give them reason to .

“What’s your teams name going to be ?” headmaster Jean asked

” Dragon Scales ”


That was mostly just a sample of my writing. Just a scratch on the surface of the story in my head .

There was a war between worlds which ended as a child was born half human half alien the child was born on earth and the alien mother who also happen to have been a general  surrendered  herself to the humans so they wouldn’t kill her child.The mother was locked away and the child was raised on a space station as far away from the humans as possible. Then a piece treaty was signed that as long as the humans look after the girl there would be no war . So Red was raised by the humans and entered their training school where she got herself promoted to captain of a battle team. She only asked the kids that was picked on to join her team, training them as best she can. During that year a lot of whispers of war popped up and finding that the humans are planing to attack her other race she gets her battle team to help her stop a war that everyone thought was inevitable .

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