Words of radiance

All right I just finished a great book that I will later tell you about, when I realised I still haven’t written a review of Words of radiance 2nd book of the stormlight archives written by Brandon Sanderson. It was awesome.
It twists your view of the characters and shows you that what you thought you knew, what you thought was going for happen was rong. The truth of this story is in fact so awesome that when you started reading it was unimaginable.
The characters was written so convincingly that I half expect them to be real. They made me laugh they made me cry, they made me want to root for them, and occasionally made me want to slap them but mostly what they did was make me respect them this book shows that even the people who you think are inoying and incompetent can be someone brave and strong and the people you thought were childish and thick headed could change the world .
There is many different life lessons I could find in this book but I segest you read the book and learn them yourself from these characters I fell in n love with
Al in all the book is great and I have much respect for Brandon Sanderson and totally segest you read it 🙂

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